Space Cleansing

The ancient cleansing process that kabbalists have used to cleanse sacred spaces has been passed down through the ages, and today, based on that ancient wisdom, we are able to offer a deep energetic space cleansing.

As one of the more mystical aspects of kabbalistic wisdom, we learn that every space, whether it’s a home, office, or other place, accumulates energy based on the events and situations that take place there. If there has been a history of happy and positive events, the space holds a higher vibration. If there has been conflict, jealousy, or ill will against others, the residue of these, or more serious situations, can linger and affect the space and those who spend time there. The design of a space also determines the energy flow and whether an accumulation of negativity can cling to certain areas.

Space cleansing begins with Senior Kabbalah Centre Teachers undergoing a personal cleansing process with the purifying waters of the mikveh, fasting, and wearing clothing made from specific materials suitable for this type of energy work. Then, techniques learned from Moroccan kabbalists are applied, including an incense burning instrument and an ancient blend of over 10 powerful herbs and resins, which are combined and burned in the space needing to be cleansed. Each herbal element lends a specific purpose, such as for protection, to balance and harmonize the energies, and to help imbue the space with supportive vibrations for love, healing, and prosperity. During this process, special meditations are used, and the portion of Balak is read from the Zohar.

Space cleansing is recommended for those who are in a space that has been occupied previously or wasn’t used for a long time. It can also be used to clear the energies before moving into a new home or office or before welcoming a new baby home. It can create a shift in energy if you have been experiencing a series of challenges or if you intuitively feel that your space needs cleansing from any past or current heavy energies. Moreover, it can boost the energy of your office with unity, prosperity, and abundance, as well as infuse your home with love and healing energy. Many students have witnessed breakthroughs following space cleansing, and we are pleased to be able to offer these ancient techniques today.

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