Rachel Wende

Having grown up studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, Rachel felt empowered by the understanding that she was responsible for the things that happen in her life. While studying History and Jewish Studies at Yeshiva University, she also volunteered and taught teen courses at the New York Kabbalah Centre, followed by several years of teaching and meeting students one-on-one in London.

Before she began teaching Kabbalah, Rachel was drawn to acting and the transformative experience of taking on different roles. She soon realized that the same rush of transformation she felt on stage could be felt every day by committing to living outside of her comfort zone. In the classroom, Rachel makes the wisdom of Kabbalah not just applicable, but also accessible, breaking down complex ideas into digestible and relatable concepts while preserving the deep spirituality of Kabbalah. Rachel’s lively and lived spirituality, combined with her love for many expressions of creativity, have made her a fresh and contemporary voice in creative fulfillment.

Rachel currently teaches and resides in Berlin with her husband and Kabbalah Centre teacher, David Wende.