Thierry Aboujedid

Thierry was born and raised in Paris. Attracted by the history of the world and creation, he decided, at the end of a cycle of classical studies, to settle in Israel in search of a greater understanding of existence. He thus visited the most mystical places of Israel, learned Hebrew, and volunteered in the Israeli Defense Army.

At the age of 22, Thierry returned to Paris where he joined a new company, taking over the commercial management as well as its international development. He then chose to head the Human Resources and Management department. Around that time, as he was always searching for spirituality in his life, he discovered the Kabbalah Centre in Paris in 1992. There, he acquired the Zohar – which would be an extraordinary trigger in his life. From his first class at the Centre, he knew he found what he was looking for. A few months later, following a private trip abroad with Rav Berg and Karen Berg, Thierry realized that this was not the result of chance, but of a very specific process. In 1994, he gave his first course at the Centre and has been a teacher ever since.

Learning this wisdom and his experience over the years have allowed Thierry to transform his vision of life. Passionate about human interaction and spirituality, he wants to convey what he received directly from Rav and Karen Berg, as well as his teacher, Shimon Sarfati. He lives in Paris with his wife and kids.