Eradicating Fear

Fear is an emotion shared by all of humanity. Everyone, no matter where they are from, what they do, or how much money they have, fears something. And more often than not, our fears stop us from living the life we are truly meant to have…sometimes without our even knowing it. And yet, every single one of us has the power to stop letting our fears dictate our life.

What if you knew that your fears are tailor-made for you, allowing you to achieve your true greatness, and by facing them with support and tools that reframe and heal your fears, you can unleash your true self and reveal the light of your soul?

Fear Healing is a one-to-one deep dive into the fears that have been blocking you. Using techniques and insights from the Zohar and Monica Berg’s best-selling book, Fear is Not an Option, this personal guidance session will help you identify the root of your fear and heal it from the inside out. These sessions provide you with a personalized ‘fear healing plan,’ which includes tailored meditations, guided journaling, activations based on the Hebrew letters, and other tools for embracing and reframing your fears, allowing you to push forward instead of feeling held back.

The Fear Healing session is the right option for you if:

  • You often avoid things or situations because they make you feel worried or uncomfortable.
  • You have a tendency to worry a lot about the future or to think a lot about past events.
  • You often feel anxious about different thoughts and ideas.
  • You have a tendency to think the worst-case scenario about a situation that becomes challenging or things do not flow the way you have wished.

Benefits Include:

  • Identification of your most prominent fear holding you back.
  • Connecting to the deep wisdom of Kabbalah related to understanding fears from a spiritual perspective.
  • A personalized plan to heal your fear, including personalized meditations, tools, and exercises.
  • One-to-one time with an expert in kabbalistic Fear Healing.