Yael Fridman

Originally from Israel, Yael was searching for spirituality when she discovered The Kabbalah Centre in the 1980s. She became a full-time Kabbalah Centre teacher in 1998, teaching classes in Spanish all over the world. She focuses on Kabbalistic Astrology, teaching in a humorous, yet simple style that helps students gain clarity on profound concepts. Yael travels globally to give astrology seminars and one-on-one readings in countries like Panama, Puerto Rico, and Spain. Yael currently lives in Florida with her husband, also a Kabbalah teacher, and their five children.

Guidance sessions offered:
Comparison Chart (Online, English, 30 minutes)
Comparison Chart (Online, English, 60 minutes)
Comparison Chart (Online, Spanish, 30 minutes)
Comparison Chart (Online, Spanish, 60 minutes)
Comparison Chart (Online, Hebrew, 30 minutes)
Comparison Chart (Online, Hebrew, 60 minutes)
Natal Chart (Online, English, 60 minutes)
Natal Chart (Online, Spanish, 60 minutes)
Natal Chart (Online, Hebrew, 60 minutes)
Progressions and Transits Chart (Online, English, 30 minutes)
Progressions and Transits Chart (Online, English, 60 minutes)
Progressions and Transits Chart (Online, Spanish, 30 minutes)
Progressions and Transits Chart (Online, Spanish, 60 minutes)
Progressions and Transits Chart (Online, Hebrew, 30 minutes)
Progressions and Transits Chart (Online, Hebrew, 60 minutes)
Relocation Chart (Online, English, 30 minutes)
Relocation Chart (Online, English, 60 minutes)
Relocation Chart (Online, Spanish, 30 minutes)
Relocation Chart (Online, Spanish, 60 minutes)
Relocation Chart (Online, Hebrew, 30 minutes)
Relocation Chart (Online, Hebrew, 60 minutes)
Solar Return Chart (Online, English, 30 minutes)
Solar Return Chart (Online, English, 60 minutes)
Solar Return Chart (Online, Spanish, 30 minutes)
Solar Return Chart (Online, Spanish, 60 minutes)
Solar Return Chart (Online, Hebrew, 30 minutes)
Solar Return Chart (Online, Hebrew, 60 minutes)
Your Child's Chart (Online, English, 60 minutes)
Your Child's Chart (Online, Spanish, 60 minutes)
Your Child's Chart (Online, Hebrew, 60 minutes)