Guidance Sessions

Love & Relationships with Monica Berg

The author of Fear Is Not an Option and Rethink Love, Monica Berg combines her expertise in Kabbalah with real-world experience to help couples and singles alike navigate the ups and downs of love and relationships. Drawing on her 21 years of marriage, Monica employs tried and true kabbalistic tools to delve beneath the surface and find the heart of the issue.

This session is open to couples as well as individuals.

  • Singles – One-on-one work with Monica reveals deeps insights into perhaps the important relationship one can have – the one you have with yourself. By truly loving yourself, you prepare for and begin to attract the loving, long-term relationship you desire.

  • Couples – Kabbalah teaches that a relationship is one of the most effective spiritual tools at our disposal. They can make us uncomfortable, challenge us, and force us to grow – both individually and as a unit. Monica tailors each couple’s session to address your and your partner’s specific challenges or concerns.

Whether you’re single or partnered, married for years or just embarking on a new connection, or are simply looking to open yourself to finding love – Monica’s customized, practical guidance will spark the Light of love in your life.

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Personal Guided Meditation: Meditation Sessions

This personal guided meditation is tailored to open any blockage you might be experiencing in your life. Your unique meditation is recorded so you can continue to benefit from it beyond your session.

Meditation sessions can cover a wide variety of kabbalistic topics including Family, Love, Intuition, Creativity, Breathing, Heart Opening, Soulmates, Relationships, Grieving, Inner Child, Forgiveness, Support for Loved Ones, Spiritual Healing, Past Lives, Inner Peace, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Postpartum, and more.

For this meditation session, we recommend that you wear comfortable clothing, choose a quiet space where you won’t be easily distracted, and have a journal or paper ready with a pen for any notes.

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Personal 72 Name of God Reading

Just as our DNA created the cells of our body, the 22 ancient Aramaic letters arranged in 72 unique combinations created the cells of the metaphysical world. Each combination acts as a key unlocking a specific energy that is channeled from the metaphysical world to the physical world through our soul and acts like our soul’s compass. Our specific combination relates to our date of birth. The energy of our soul is the lens through which our soul colors our world. Knowing this energy enables us to understand our unique points of view as well as discover the gifts that guide our soul’s purpose.

Session Benefits:

  • Discover your soul’s point of view and how it impacts how you operate in your daily life.
  • Receive a map to your soul’s gifts
  • Learn practical methods for how to tap into your soul’s compass more directly.
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Meditation and Sound Vibration with Yehuda Ashkenazi

In our study of Kabbalah, we learn that the root causes of physical or emotional blockages we face in life first manifest on a spiritual level. When we open up the flow of energy on a spiritual level, we can awaken spiritual healing, clarity, and balance in our lives. In this powerful session, Yehuda Ashkenazi uses ancient kabbalistic meditation sequences combined with breathing techniques and a full sound vibration experience to open up energetic pathways and allow a flow of universal healing light into your system.

Whether you are seeking spiritual healing or clarity around emotional trauma, relationships, or releasing any kind of physical or spiritual blockage, this unique experience will work on a soul level to open up your spiritual vision and begin the healing process.

1-hour session:
This session is 1 hour long. During the first 30-minute guided meditation portion of the session, Yehuda will use specific breathing techniques and meditations to support you in receiving messages from your soul. This is followed by a sound and vibration experience integrating original music and crystal sound bowl vibrations to clear energetic blockages.

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The Writings of the Ari: Deep Study

Deep study into the works of Rav Isaac Luria, a 16th- century kabbalist known as “The Ari,” which means “The Holy Lion,” a name reflecting his brilliant, unceasing mind. The Ari had the gift of exploring the innermost depths of the Zohar, decoding profound secrets on the Universe and humanity. The Ari's greatest legacy was his kabbalistic composition, The Writings of the Ari, compiled by his most cherished student, Rav Chaim Vital. This profound work gave birth to what is known as Lurianic Kabbalah. Lurianic Kabbalah became the definitive school of kabbalistic thought and has had a dramatic impact on the world. By studying the Ari’s writings, we open our eyes to seeing the world and our soul from an elevated perspective. In this session, you can explore the Ari’s insights on the weekly portion, windows in time, and even the power of Joy.

  • Gate of Meditations: the intentions of prayer, Shabbat, and windows in time
  • Decoding the portion of the week
  • Character refinement (exploring qualities such as sadness, anger, joy, etc.)
  • Other
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Zohar: Deep Study

A guided study of the Zohar, the foundational work of Kabbalah. Written by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, this compilation contains coded secrets about the Bible, the soul, and the Universe. In this session, you will have the opportunity to study sections of the Zohar you would like to explore more deeply. You can also choose to study the week’s Zohar portion or even study the general terminology and concept of the Zohar.

  • Zohar Terminology (sefirot, three columns system, nuvka, shechinah, etc.)
  • Key Concepts of the Zohar (male/female, midnight study, Israelite vs. non-Israelite, etc.)
  • Decoding the portion of the week
  • Your questions answered (come with any questions you have on difficult sections and verses)
  • Other
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The Zohar and You: Deep Study

In this personalized session, we provide you with an understanding of the spiritual concepts, biblical figures, and meditations from the Zohar portion personally related to you based on your birth date. Sessions can also be based on other weekly portions that have importance to your life, such as anniversaries or children’s birthdays. You will receive a recording of the session to refer to afterwards.

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Tikkunei Zohar: Deep Study

The Tikkunei HaZohar is a collection of the secrets revealed to Rav Shimon bar Yochai, author of the Zohar, in his 13 years of exile in a cave (the rest of the Zohar was written after he left the cave.) This wisdom was revealed to him directly by Elijah the Prophet. The Tikkunei HaZohar decodes the first word of the Torah, Beresheet, unveiling 70 different revelations about the moment of creation. The kabbalists explain that studying from and connecting to the Light of the Tikkunei HaZohar helps us correct and cleanse even our thickest klipot, or layer of negativity.

In this personalized session, you'll delve deeply into a deep study of the Tikkunei HaZohar and receive guidance on how to overcome our deepest challenges to reveal more Light in our lives and the world.

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A Free Consultation with a Kabbalah Instructor

Our dedicated instructors are here to help you navigate your spiritual journey, so that you may seize your destiny and achieve your goals. In a pre-scheduled phone meeting, you will have an opportunity to ask a knowledgeable instructor your most pressing questions. You will also receive personalized feedback on how to create a path of study that fits your unique needs, desires, and lifestyle.

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