Our Teachers

Amir Michael Rehan

Amir Michael was born in Brazil, the child of a Muslim Pakistani father and Christian Brazilian mother, which contributed to his different points of view regarding spirituality. Having lived 8 years in Pakistan, he learned from Islamic culture and spiritual doctrine. When he returned to Brazil, he found The Kabbalah Centre in 2005 and immediately became a dedicated student of Kabbalah. Since 2009, Amir Michael has been a Kabbalah teacher, personal instructor, and Kabbalistic Astrologer, having done readings in Portuguese, as well as Hindi/Urdu. He strongly believes that through deep observation of the planet's positions, together with kabbalistic knowledge of one's birth day, week, and month, one can recognize hidden symmetry that reveals one's spiritual beauty. Amir Michael currently lives in São Paolo.

Batsheva Shouster

Born in Jerusalem, Batsheva studied theology in college, specializing in the writings of the Bible. Upon her introduction to The Kabbalah Centre, she was immediately drawn to the kabbalists’ vision of removing chaos from the world. Batsheva’s interest in astrology began while in her teens, and she has explored several spiritual wisdoms, including learning meditations with the Dalai Lama in India. Since 2011, Batsheva has been applying Kabbalistic Astrology in charts and readings for hundreds of students. She especially likes to investigate how astrology and meditation can connect humanity to both physical and mental healing. Her vision for the world is that all people may have the opportunity to live a healthy life free from chaos. Batsheva currently lives in Brazil with her husband, Chagai, and their children.

Chaim Cohen

Chaim has been igniting joy and excitement in his students since 2004, motivating them to transform their life through his dedication, love, and patience. He especially likes to teach from the Zohar, and from the writings of Kabbalah sages such as the Ari and Rav Ashlag, often weaving in astrology and meditation. He has lectured in Tel Aviv, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Boston. A proud husband and father of three residing in Miami. When outside of the classroom Chaim enjoys both ballroom and line dancing plus attending the theatre and classical concerts.

Esther Barnea

Originally from Israel, Esther was a student of Sociology and Human Resources when a Kabbalah Centre teacher came knocking on her door. Immediately drawn to Kabbalah, Esther committed her life in 1999 to studying, teaching, and sharing the wisdom as a means to create a world free from chaos. She is a highly sought after Kabbalistic Astrologer known for her down-to-earth style and profound revelations. Esther continues her studies of Kabbalistic Astrology and works to ensure people from all walks of life enjoy her astrology classes and seminars. She currently lives in Miami with her two children.

Esther Romero

Esther Romero was born in Caracas, Venezuela, under the sign of Scorpio. As a teenager she began working in the archives of Universidad Central de Venezuela, where she developed her interest in research, which led her to graduate in the areas of Education and Philosophy, making a career in this institution.

She worked for 25 years at the University and retired as a researcher in the academic area of this institution in 1989. Since then, she continued to pursue complementary studies in the area of philosophy. In 1997 she began her astrology studies in a recognized institution in Caracas, Venezuela, where she was accredited as an astrologer in 1999.

In the year 2000 Esther enters the Kabbalah Centre of Caracas, after the second visit of Rav Berg to Venezuela and begins her kabbalah studies with Batsheva Meron in May of the same year.

Since her arrival at the Kabbalah Centre of Caracas, Esther became a volunteer, serving as store manager until 2005 when she was authorized to start making kabbalistic astrological charts to the students.

As of 2014, she became part of the Kabbalah Centre Latin America's team of astrologers, a role she has held until today.

Esther Charts are focused in understanding the Tikkun or correction. She helps each individual to identify the areas where they need to work to accelerate their transformation. Her clear, focused and simple way of giving information, makes her astrological readings more and more requested.

Esther works at the Kabbalah Center in Caracas, performing charts and consultations to students in Latin America, touring the different countries that request her visit.

Joshua Robbins

Born and raised in the American Deep South, Joshua moved to Florida from Alabama when he was just 17. It was in the summer of 2008 that he walked into a Kabbalah Centre for the first time and has been a dedicated student ever since. His astrological studies began just one year earlier in 2007, and the profound transformation and miraculous growth that he experienced through the combination of these two disciplines lead him down a path where he yearned to share it with others.

It was in 2017 that he decided to deepen his astrological studies from the Kabbalistic perspective by learning from Yael Yardeni at the Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology. It is using the tools of Kabbalistic Astrology that Joshua aims to help students tap into their potential and reveal the full Light of their soul.

Joshua also is a fluent Spanish speaker and provides consultations in both English and Spanish.

Miriam Ashkenazi

A friend introduced Miriam to The Kabbalah Centre in Tel Aviv, and just a few years later, in 2000, she became a Kabbalah Centre teacher. She delved directly into the wisdom and was especially intrigued by Kabbalistic Astrology, which has become her specialty. Known for her ability to make complex concepts practical and relatable, Miriam does natal chart readings, comparison readings, progression chart readings, and more. She teaches seminars and classes on various topics, mainly related to the ancient study of the cosmos, and writes the Daily Astrology Forecast column for kabbalah.com. She believes Kabbalistic Astrology is a powerful tool that can bring clarity to students struggling to understand their highest purpose. It is Miriam's great joy to guide students in this process.

Monica Berg

Mother, wife, sister, daughter, teacher, and friend, Monica integrates all that she is into her mission of sharing with others what she’s discovered. Monica is a fresh voice that channels the powerful internal spark of Light living within us all. Authentic and fearless, she reminds us of our extraordinary potential and pushes us onward with compassion and understanding.

While informed by her many years of kabbalistic study, Monica also draws heavily on her own personal life experiences. She battled and overcame a debilitating eating disorder at a young age, and as a mother of four children, one of whom has special needs, she has become an outspoken advocate for him and others struggling to find their voice.

With her trademark blend of humor, insight, and honesty, she shows individuals how to create a life that feels like it is working, like it makes sense, and most importantly, a life in which they are living and loving as the powerful, fulfilled person they’ve always wanted to be. Her personal endeavors have taught her how the practical wisdom of Kabbalah can bring Light and strength into even the most challenging experiences by changing the one thing we can control, ourselves.

Monica Berg, a self-professed Change Junkie, shares her combination of wisdom and real-life awareness with talks found compelling to a wide range of men and women at different stages in their lives. She leads people to not only see how they can change (change is the only constant in life), but inspires them to get excited about a lifestyle of change.

Monica Berg is the author of Fear Is Not an Option and Rethink Love, and serves as Chief Communications Officer for Kabbalah Centre International. She lives in New York with her husband Michael and their children David, Joshua, Miriam, and Abigail.

Nechama Sinwani

Nechama was born in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, and as a teenager immigrated to Israel, where she served 2 years in the army before heading off to the United States. There, she followed her mother’s advice and visited The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles, where she instantaneously felt that she had found her place in the world.

Nechama felt such love and kindness from the community that when the opportunity presented itself she began working the at LA Centre full-time. She began as the manager of the Los Angeles bookstore, then worked with volunteers in the Miami Centre, and later became the manager of the Student Support department in London.

Today, Nechama is a teacher in the Moscow Centre. Teaching Kabbalah brings her great joy as she gets to see how, in the process of studying the wisdom, the lives of her students change for the better. In addition, and unsurprisingly as she is a mother of three, Nechama loves to organize different events and holidays for children that aim to deliver simple wisdom to young minds and souls.

Rachel Itic

Born and raised in Mexico, Rachel is a renowned authority in Kabbalistic Astrology. In addition to creating and giving insight to students’ natal charts, she regularly holds astrology seminars around the world and lectures at the Centre’s New Moon connections. Her experience in Kabbalistic Astrology has gained Rachel appearances on Mexican television and radio, as well as collaborations with high-profile individuals and celebrities. Rachel is based in Mexico City.

Rachel Madar

Rachel discovered Kabbalah in 2000 when her exploration of spiritual development led her to a lecture at the Los Angeles Centre. Already an accomplished young businesswoman at the time, she had material success but felt there was more to life; more she could contribute to the world. Rav Berg’s words, “the purpose of Kabbalah is to remove chaos from the world,” struck a deep chord in Rachel. She immediately delved into the wisdom of Kabbalah and, within months, was working at the LA Centre.

Rachel officially became a Kabbalah Centre Instructor in 2010, a role she relishes because she is able to connect with her students on a soul level. Her goal is to ignite their desire to connect to their true, inner selves so that they can draw out their own personal strength and find fulfillment in life. She has a background in business from her native land of Israel and is a certified life coach, CBT therapist, and practitioner of other healing modalities.

Rachel currently lives in Los Angeles, where she teaches both in-person at the Centre, as well as livestreaming classes online. She is grateful for her opportunity to be a part of removing chaos from the world.

Ruth Nahmias

Ruth began her study of Kabbalah in 1989 with world-renowned kabbalists Rav and Karen Berg. Since that time, she has drawn on the wisdom handed down through this 2,000-year-old spiritual lineage to assist thousands of people in transforming their lives.

As a certified Kabbalah Instructor and Kabbalistic Astrologer, Ruth supports her students in their quest to understand the unique gifts that will help them steer their destiny. Fluent in 5 languages, she has taught Kabbalah in France, Poland, Russia, Italy, and the USA. While Ruth and her family are currently based in London, she travels regularly throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East to teach public courses and lead private astrology consultations.

A wife and mother of two, Ruth has taught extensively on relationships, parenting, and the spiritual role of women. Her ongoing studies have led her to developing her expertise in the field of Kabbalistic Astrology.

Today, Ruth is called upon as a valued advisor, guiding her students on choosing the most successful outcomes when it comes to business partnerships, company launches, strategic planning, or personal relationships.

Ruth is committed to empowering people from all walks of life with the wisdom of Kabbalah in order to equip them with the tools they need to create a better reality for themselves and others.

Yael Fridman

Originally from Israel, Yael was searching for spirituality when she discovered The Kabbalah Centre in the 1980s. She became a full-time Kabbalah Centre teacher in 1998, teaching classes in Spanish all over the world. She focuses on Kabbalistic Astrology, teaching in a humorous, yet simple style that helps students gain clarity on profound concepts. Yael travels globally to give astrology seminars and one-on-one readings in countries like Panama, Puerto Rico, and Spain. Yael currently lives in Florida with her husband, also a Kabbalah teacher, and their five children.

Yael Yardeni

Yael was born and raised in France, where she studied physics and mathematics. In 1987, she moved to the United States and concentrated on studying Kabbalistic Astrology. Since then, Yael has become a Kabbalistic Astrologer and astrology teacher with a renowned international reputation. Culling insight from her degrees in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regressions, her astrological chart readings are in no way conventional. Through her work with Kabbalistic Astrology, Yael has helped many people around the world change their lives, improve their relationships, and connect to their life purpose.

In the last 15 years, Yael has made more than 10,000 natal charts, and has become the personal astrologer for many celebrities. She has taken her expertise of Kabbalistic Astrology all over the world, including Russia, Brazil, Hong Kong, South Africa, Paraguay, England, and more. Yael currently resides in Moscow, where in 2017 she opened the world's first Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology. She has been married to fellow Kabbalah Centre teacher Eliyahu Yardeni for thirty years, and together they have three children and a dog.

Yael Alloa Cohen

Born and raised in Israel, Yael comes from a journalistic background, having worked for a number of Israeli magazines. She is a writer and produces content for blogs and other publications. Yael was introduced to Kabbalah in 2009 when she was single and looking for love. After beginning to study Kabbalah, she changed paths and began training as a parenting guide for first-time parents. As her role at the Centre evolved, she ventured into Kabbalistic Astrology and found her niche, so to speak, becoming an astrologist in 2018.

Yael enjoys providing her students and clients with new perspectives on different aspects of their lives, as she sees how doing so gives them a real sense of hope. She feels that the many challenging experiences in her life have given her the ability to be sensitive to people’s needs as she strives to identify practical ways in which to apply Kabbalah to their lives. With her training as a parenting guide, Yael specializes in helping parents and their children achieve better relationships and understandings using the kabbalistic tools of astrology. Her hope is that her efforts reach and help as many souls as possible on their journey in life.

Yael lives in Israel with her husband and three children.

Yosef Grundman

Yosef has been immersed in the wisdom of Kabbalah since he was a small child. Born in Toronto, Canada, his diverse participation in The Kabbalah Centre has taken him all over the world, giving him a global view that inspires his efforts to unify people.

Yosef knew he wanted to become a Kabbalah Centre teacher while still in high school. He would visit his brother, David – who was a chevre at the Miami Centre – every summer to study and volunteer. Drawn to the Rav and Karen Berg’s relentless efforts to awaken consciousness in the world, Yosef committed himself to becoming a Centre teacher, a goal he achieved in 2015.

As one of the new generation of Kabbalah Centre teachers, Yosef brings an interactive sensibility to his teaching style. He strives to make this dense, ancient study clear and concise, while also maintaining sensitivity to his students’ needs. Yosef’s many jobs and responsibilities at different Kabbalah Centres around the globe inform his easy interactions with students. He has worked at the Miami, Los Angeles, and Brazil locations.

Inspired by the Rav and Karen’s ability to love unconditionally, Yosef envisions a world in which people find the beauty in each other, celebrating not only their similarities but also their differences. He believes Kabbalah expands understanding and that wisdom will bring peace and harmony to the world. Yosef currently lives in New York City, where in addition to teaching he manages the Kabbalah One and Teen Departments.

Yosef Shvili

Yosef has helped people connect and reconnect with the Light to bring greater fulfillment to their lives for the past 20 years. He began overseeing the Centre in Haifa Israel, and for the past 10 years has been responsible for being a source of transformational change for hundreds of students in San Diego, CA. He also oversees the study groups in Phoenix, AZ and San Francisco, CA.

Yosef shares his vision of ending pain and suffering and bringing happiness to the world through the spreading of the Zohar with his wife, Esther, and their son.

Yosef Yeshurun

Although he was born to Kabbalah Centre teachers, Yosef’s choice to study Kabbalah was strictly his own. He recognized that helping people realize their purpose in life was the best way to help others, and so he decided to become a teacher, accomplishing his goal in 2011.

Yosef is passionate about the wisdom of Kabbalah and finds fulfillment from studying the deepest texts. However, it is his involvement with Kabbalah Centre activities that inspired his decision to become a teacher. Yosef draws from his experiences at Centres across the world. He was born in Los Angeles, spent many formative years in Israel, and has lived all over the USA, studying and engaging with Kabbalah Centre communities at each stop. Yosef launched the Kabbalah Centre Teen Programs in both Miami and New York. He credits his work of teaching young people as the catalyst that drove him to become passionate not only about learning Kabbalah, but also about teaching others the wisdom. He strives to emulate Michael Berg’s profound-yet-practical instructive style, and, having a background in ancient texts, particularly enjoys teaching about the Zohar and Rav Ashlag’s writings.

Yosef endeavors to help others discover a viable path to fulfillment by studying the Zohar and thereby connecting to their souls' purpose, envisioning a future in which people respect each other’s differences yet still unite as one. He currently lives in New York, where he teaches classes and meets one-on-one with students.