Rachel Madar

Rachel discovered Kabbalah in 2000 when her exploration of spiritual development led her to a lecture at the Los Angeles Centre. Already an accomplished young businesswoman at the time, she had material success but felt there was more to life; more she could contribute to the world. Rav Berg’s words, “the purpose of Kabbalah is to remove chaos from the world,” struck a deep chord in Rachel. She immediately delved into the wisdom of Kabbalah and, within months, was working at the LA Centre.

Rachel officially became a Kabbalah Centre Instructor in 2010, a role she relishes because she is able to connect with her students on a soul level. Her goal is to ignite their desire to connect to their true, inner selves so that they can draw out their own personal strength and find fulfillment in life. She has a background in business from her native land of Israel and is a certified life coach, CBT therapist, and practitioner of other healing modalities.

Rachel currently lives in Los Angeles, where she teaches both in-person at the Centre, as well as livestreaming classes online. She is grateful for her opportunity to be a part of removing chaos from the world.