Astrological Readings

According to Kabbalah, each soul chose to enter this world at a particular time, under the influence of a zodiac sign, for a reason. Kabbalistic Astrology helps us understand that reason. Using your astrological chart as a guide, you can discover what lessons your soul came to learn, what important experiences you will encounter and how to benefit from them. What are the gifts we were given and how can we use them to be of service in this world, and what are the challenges we chose to face so that we can grow?

Life is not always easy, but it is not random. Learning about our soul through an astrological chart helps to give more meaning and greater understanding to the experiences we face, the people we know, the work we do, and the forks in the road.

A Kabbalistic Astrologer will never tell you what your destiny has in store, because your free will can change all of that. What a Kabbalistic Astrologer will share with you are the important signs to look for and how to learn from them.

Providing you with greater understanding is the exciting purpose of each chart reading—a practical guide for immediate use.

Natal Chart: First-Time Reading

Also known as your birth chart, this is suggested for your first reading. Your natal chart reveals everything you bring into this lifetime, including your belief systems and values. This chart shows the kind of family you were born into and your primary lesson in this life. Examining this chart is useful in helping you to better understand and accept yourself, your lessons, and your purpose for being here.

We examine the natal chart as a painting created by the beliefs you developed in past lives, and as a tool that can help you understand and accept yourself. Because your soul chose to be born when and where it did, the astrological placements of the planets do not make you a certain way, but rather depict your beliefs. Understanding these beliefs, as well as how they affect your current life, is similar to understanding how childhood experiences impact you as an adult. As an adult, you learn to release and embrace issues from the past as you obtain a greater understanding of them. Such is the case with your karmic past. This acceptance and release can help you move forward in this life.

A natal chart reading also includes your correction process and what is in store for you in the near future. This reading is appropriate for most first-time clients and is available in 1-hour sessions only.

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Business Chart: See How the Stars Influence Your Business

How is the health and trend of your current business venture? Do you have business partners? You will need to provide the date, place and approximate time of the business’s creation and the parties involved to get an accurate navigation system for the future!

This chart is available in a 1-hour session format only.

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Comparison Chart: Between You & a Partner, Friend, Child, Colleague…

In this reading we compare your natal chart with that of another person(s). It is a blueprint of the relationship itself, showing what is created by the joining of the individuals and is very useful in understanding relationship dynamics. It can help you understand why you are a certain way with a particular person and can give you insight as to the value, struggles, nature, and purpose of the relationship, as well as how the relationship can support or detract you from your goals.

In a comparison chart, a Kabbalistic Astrologer looks at two or more charts from any type of relationship’s perspective, the charts’ interactions and the larger potentials they create together. It is recommended to have a natal chart reading for each party prior to the comparison chart to provide a more accurate reading. This chart is available in either a 1-hour or 30-minute session format.

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Family Dynamic Chart

In a two-hour chart reading session, we will discuss the relationships between the charts of you and your family members. Whether it's for you and your partner, your children, or parents, a deep understanding of personal and collective tikkune can be realized through this enlightening session. Drawing on Kabbalistic chart interpretations and comparisons, the session will uncover current themes you face as a family in this lifetime and your connections from past lives.

The Family Dynamic reading not only offers a fascinating perspective and appreciation of the journey each soul travels through time but also serves as a powerful tool in understanding challenging family dynamics, providing you with insights into how best to support each other's individual tikkune process in this lifetime.

For parents, this reading offers insights into how to cultivate a child’s potential, along with communication approaches to improve the parent/child relationships. Parents will gain an understating of how they can work as a united force in guiding their children according to the child's individual needs and areas of potential growth. This reading can also uncover challenging or supporting influences that the parents are dealing with and show the points of resolution for bettering their relationship with each other.

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Progressions and Transits Chart: Looking into the Future

This is a modified natal chart that shows the opportunities, challenges, and growth cycles that you are currently experiencing. A progression reading is useful for helping you to see where your energy may best be spent; by aligning yourself with these cycles that are continuously changing, your life generally falls more smoothly into place.

It is recommended to have a natal reading prior to the progression of transition chart. This chart is available in either a 1-hour or 30-minute session format.

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Relocation Chart: Discover What a New Location Has in Store for You

Preparing to move, but unsure of what life will look like in your next destination? Looking for advice on the best time for your change of scenery? A relocation chart employs the tools of kabbalistic astrology to give you a roadmap for your life after relocation.

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Solar Return Chart: Learn What Successes & Challenges the Next Year Holds for You

Every year of the Gregorian calendar, the Sun comes back to its original placement in the natal chart. It is then time to analyze the trends of the upcoming year and reinforce all the potential gifts it contains. This chart should be taking place on or near your birthday.

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Your Child's Chart: Learn about Your Child from an Astrological Perspective

Designed specifically for parents to learn about their child from an astrological perspective. This reading shows you how to fully understand your children by learning the best ways to communicate with them, what their strengths and weaknesses are, how to nurture their potential gifts, how to relate to them, and how best to support them in overcoming their soul correction.

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