Michal Shneor

Originally from a region in the north of Israel called Akko, Michal Shneor has been on a spiritual path since the age of 16. It wasn’t until she stumbled upon The Kabbalah Centre twenty years ago that she found what she was searching for. The wisdom she gained from Kabbalah gave her, and continues to give her, answers to questions about her purpose and existence in our universe.

After her University studies in Education and Theatre, Michal decided to dedicate her life to helping people make a difference in themselves and the world through the teachings of Kabbalah, and has spent the last twenty years doing just that at Kabbalah Centres across the globe. As a teacher sharing her experiences and enthusiasm for Kabbalah with her students, Michal particularly enjoys teaching special seminars for women, and Zohar classes and Advanced classes. A lover of nature and music, Michal currently lives in Israel with her family.