Michal Donna

Michal was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in the sign of Pisces. After graduating from LSU and working in the banking industry, her second career in the oil and gas industry moved her to Houston, Texas where a dear friend introduced her to Kabbalah in 2009, at a time when she was looking for a spiritual home. She knew she had found the WELCOME HOME banner! Michal has since been a theater owner, Improv actress, and communication coach.

The area of Kabbalah that she felt most at home with was Kabbalistic Astrology. Her mother studied astrology and taught her the basics before the advent of computerized astrology programs. Michal believes that Kabbalistic Astrology provides the real guidance we need to fulfill our purpose in life. She focuses on how to transform our challenges into success and use our talents in practical ways in this world. She feels her life journey has prepared her to communicate a sometimes complicated subject, astrology, in a very understandable, down-to-earth manner.

Michal and her husband live in the country in Missouri where they welcome their 4 children and their families, including 4 grandchildren, to hike, learn to grow food, and honor Mother Nature.