Batya Solomon

Batya has been active at The Kabbalah Centre since 1990, applying her Master’s degree in Education across the spectrum of learning. She credits the teachings of Kabbalah as taught by The Kabbalah Centre for transforming her life for the better. She dedicates herself to sharing this wisdom with the world. After founding the first Kabbalah Children’s Academy Nursery School, she built the Kabbalah Children’s Academy Elementary School where she acted as Director before going on to develop courses for adults.

Batya has a particular passion for spiritual self-empowerment using kabbalistic tools, and inspiring others to value themselves on a spiritual path of increasing abundance and happiness. Well known for her high-energy seminars, the very popular Prosperity Principles teachings, and private coaching sessions, Batya has shared her gifts with students all across the globe, from Florida to Canada to Los Angeles, as well as Europe and South America. Batya currently resides in Los Angeles, California.