Mordechay Balas

Recognized for his funny, simple, and metaphorical way of teaching, Mordechay has been a Kabbalah teacher since 2001. Drawn to the mystical and hidden parts of Kabbalah, which reveal the spiritual way the universe functions, he shares this wisdom as a way for his students to take control over their lives. Mordechay is actively involved with The Kabbalah Centre’s Student Support, a group he helped develop so students worldwide who do not live near the bricks and mortars of Kabbalah Centres can access teachers through video and phone sessions.

Mordechay currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife Elisheva, also a Kabbalah teacher, and children. His dedication to Kabbalah has resulted in miracles against all odds, and he envisions for the world a life where we never have to say goodbye to the people we love.