Esther Romero

Esther Romero was born in Caracas, Venezuela, under the sign of Scorpio. As a teenager she began working in the archives of Universidad Central de Venezuela, where she developed her interest in research, which led her to graduate in the areas of Education and Philosophy, making a career in this institution.

She worked for 25 years at the University and retired as a researcher in the academic area of this institution in 1989. Since then, she continued to pursue complementary studies in the area of philosophy. In 1997 she began her astrology studies in a recognized institution in Caracas, Venezuela, where she was accredited as an astrologer in 1999.

In the year 2000 Esther enters the Kabbalah Centre of Caracas, after the second visit of Rav Berg to Venezuela and begins her kabbalah studies with Batsheva Meron in May of the same year.

Since her arrival at the Kabbalah Centre of Caracas, Esther became a volunteer, serving as store manager until 2005 when she was authorized to start making kabbalistic astrological charts to the students.

As of 2014, she became part of the Kabbalah Centre Latin America's team of astrologers, a role she has held until today.

Esther's charts are focused in understanding the Tikkun or correction. She helps each individual to identify the areas where they need to work to accelerate their transformation. Her clear, focused and simple way of giving information, makes her astrological readings more and more requested.

Esther works at the Kabbalah Center in Caracas, performing charts and consultations to students in Latin America, touring the different countries that request her visit.