Yael Yardeni

Yael was born and raised in France, where she studied physics and mathematics. In 1987, she moved to the United States and concentrated on studying Kabbalistic Astrology. Since then, Yael has become a Kabbalistic Astrologer and astrology teacher with a renowned international reputation. Culling insight from her degrees in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regressions, her astrological chart readings are in no way conventional. Through her work with Kabbalistic Astrology, Yael has helped many people around the world change their lives, improve their relationships, and connect to their life purpose.

In the last 15 years, Yael has made more than 10,000 natal charts, and has become the personal astrologer for many celebrities. She has taken her expertise of Kabbalistic Astrology all over the world, including Russia, Brazil, Hong Kong, South Africa, Paraguay, England, and more. Yael currently resides in Moscow, where in 2017 she opened the world's first Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology. She has been married to fellow Kabbalah Centre teacher Eliyahu Yardeni for thirty years, and together they have three children and a dog.