Elisheva Balas

A Los Angeles native with a degree in Judaic Studies from UCLA, Elisheva became a student of Kabbalah in her teens. To her, the beauty of studying Kabbalah is that no one can be forced to think in a particular way; that the teachings are shared in the hopes that they will be applied to one’s life for the sake of bettering it.

Elisheva has been teaching Kabbalah since 1994 in 15 different cities across the world, including London, Rome, Chicago, Seattle, and Miami, just to name a few. She is loved for bringing humor to her classes and lectures. Believing that we should be able to laugh at our negativity, she emphasizes that laughing helps to internalize the painful reality where the ego puts us.

Passionate about, well-known, and well-respected for teaching women’s topics, Elisheva empowers her female students to challenge the attitudes which make them feel subservient. Pointing out that in the Zohar and according to teachings of Kabbalah, it is women who manifest love and women who bring resolution and steer things right during great crises, she teaches that the female advantage is real.

Elisheva is also the host of Weekly Energy Boost, a top 40 Spirituality podcast on iTunes. Weekly Energy Boost is a 7-day forecast of each week’s spiritual essence, energy, opportunities, and potential challenges according to the wisdom of Kabbalah. She lives with her husband, Mordechay, and children in Los Angeles, where she co-chairs the Board of Trustees at International Children’s Academy, the only early childhood and elementary school that includes the wisdom of Kabbalah in its curriculum.