Yosef Farnoosh

As a child born to avid students of Kabbalah, Yosef Farnoosh grew up with this ancient wisdom all around him. At a young age he felt a deep desire to share Kabbalah. When he was 14 years old, he began taking his studies more seriously, and became Chevre at 18.

With a knack for sharing major kabbalistic concepts in new ways, Yosef seeks to bring the teachings of kabbalists to students in a mode that sparks lasting change in their lives. He feels most fulfilled as a teacher when he witnesses his students experiencing profound breakthroughs. Yosef’s time spent sharing Kabbalah in Brazil, New York, and Los Angeles has cultivated an innovative approach to teaching his students – he enjoys peeling back the layers of complex ideas, while keeping the teachings relevant and exciting.

Yosef has a passion for developing youth programs in the Kabbalah Centre community. He believes Kabbalah can inspire positive change in a challenging world. In his spare time, Yosef enjoys working with his hands through woodworking, bookbinding, and playing musical instruments. He currently lives and teaches in London.