Naomi Ovadia

Naomi was a 20-year-old sergeant in the Israeli Defense Force when she came across another soldier reading the Zohar, which prompted the beginning of her search for deep answers and a new purpose in life. Born and raised in Israel, she studied at Bar-Ilan University in Special Education, where she honed her skills in teaching both children and adults. This experience would later help her contribute to the founding, growth, and development of the Centre’s Kabbalah Children's Academy and Spirituality for Kids programs.

Naomi studied personally with Rav Berg and Karen Berg and has committed herself to teaching Kabbalah and fulfilling the mission of The Kabbalah Centre. Over the last 30 years, she has been instrumental in the founding of Kabbalah Centre communities in Europe, Venezuela, Brazil, and the USA.

Known for her creativity and passion for deeply studying the original texts of the kabbalists and the Zohar, Naomi is currently developing a special program to use the letters of the Hebrew alphabet to enhance the spiritual growth of her students of all ages. In addition to spending time with her family and two children, she is happy to be back in Israel and connecting with more people every day. She continues to open her heart to her friends, students, and the universe and wishes the same for others. Currently, Naomi is teaching throughout Europe, primarily in France.