Sarah Cohen

From an early age in her hometown of Caracas, Venezuela, Sarah Cohen was interested in spiritual growth. Upon arriving at The Kabbalah Centre, she identified that many things that she had experienced since she was a child had a purpose beyond her personal story. With a natural vocation to serve, she identifies with the Centre’s mission of removing chaos and suffering from the world through spreading the healing wisdom of Kabbalah and fostering awareness that true global transformation begins with us transforming our world.

Sarah’s academic training began with advertising and marketing, and at the same time, she studied natural medicine, Bach flower therapies, massage, astrology, yoga, meditation, and family constellations. As a teacher, she is inspired by students opening their hearts; she believes in people and in their power of transformation. Sarah is currently finishing a Master's Degree in Psychology and partakes in constant training as a Kabbalah Centre instructor, which she has been since 2013. She lives in Miami with her husband and three children.