Angel Guidance Session

Kabbalah teaches that before you came into this world, your soul agreed to fulfill a purpose and that at the exact moment of your birth, astral forces and angelic intelligence aligned to assist you in manifesting this purpose. The master kabbalist Rav Isaac Luria, known as The Ari, explains in his writings that angels are energetic forces. Each person has angels they can connect to, based on the month, day, and time of their birth. These angels were tasked with helping to guide and assist you on your life’s journey.

In life, the decisions we make and how we approach the challenges we face either connect or disconnect us from our purpose. This one-on-one personal guided session helps you identify your purpose, understand where you may have disconnected from it, and connect you to angelic intelligence to help guide and strengthen your journey to true fulfillment.

In five private sessions with a Kabbalah Centre teacher, we will explore how to:

  1. Connect with your personal guardian angel
  2. Identify what your soul came here to learn
  3. Reveal the concealed ego
  4. Recognize your soul’s gifts
  5. Fulfill your purpose in this life
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