Business Chart

How is the health and trend of your current business venture? Do you have business partners? You will need to provide the date, place and approximate time of the business’s creation and the parties involved to get an accurate navigation system for the future!


Business Chart Four Pack

Take a deep dive into your spiritual process as a business owner. This package of four business chart sessions (one chart every three months) gives you the opportunity to stay aligned and in sync with optimal energies for an entire year.

Astrology is the language of the stars and speaks to every aspect of human and non-human existence. By understanding how astrological influences are flowing through your business, you’ll be able to ride the waves of change rather than crash beneath them. When you know how to rise above the stars, not only can your business benefit, but so can you!

Some of the themes we’ll cover in this four-part Guidance Session:

  • How to relate to money in a spiritual sense.
  • How to be more efficient.
  • How to identify and manage employee needs more effectively.
  • Goal setting and reaching achievements.
  • How to lead more in alignment with your soul’s essence.
  • Identify obstacles that may be holding back growth.
  • How to identify where growth potential exists.
  • How to recognize and make the most of key changes as they occur.

In this four-part Guidance Session*, you’ll work regularly and periodically in collaboration with your personal astrologer to develop strategies and avoid potential pitfalls as you integrate Kabbalistic Astrology tools into your business and practices. Book your first appointment today, and the following three will be scheduled in three-month increments directly with our business astrologer.

* We find that taking a quarterly approach creates consistency and maintains a continuity of history and overall trajectory of purpose. Therefore, we ask students to commit to four quarterly sessions over the span of a year.

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