Family Dynamic Chart

In a two-hour chart reading session, we will discuss the relationships between the charts of you and your family members. Whether it's for you and your partner, your children, or parents, a deep understanding of personal and collective tikkune can be realized through this enlightening session. Drawing on Kabbalistic chart interpretations and comparisons, the session will uncover current themes you face as a family in this lifetime and your connections from past lives.

The Family Dynamic reading not only offers a fascinating perspective and appreciation of the journey each soul travels through time but also serves as a powerful tool in understanding challenging family dynamics, providing you with insights into how best to support each other's individual tikkune process in this lifetime.

For parents, this reading offers insights into how to cultivate a child’s potential, along with communication approaches to improve the parent/child relationships. Parents will gain an understating of how they can work as a united force in guiding their children according to the child's individual needs and areas of potential growth. This reading can also uncover challenging or supporting influences that the parents are dealing with and show the points of resolution for bettering their relationship with each other.

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