Kabbalistic Heart & Soul: Interpersonal Communication with Rivki Kutnovsky

Embrace the power of your inner voice today and let it guide you to a world of limitless understanding and compassion.

Words can be either windows or walls. They can set us free or box us in. In many ways, our quality of life is determined by the quality of our communication.

In this practical and illuminating personal guidance session, you will learn how to create an open environment where people give willingly to one another from the heart. Together – and in alignment with your character, your belief systems, and your way of expressing yourself – we will explore practical techniques that help you cultivate the quality of the connection that touches lives and transforms relationships like never before.

In 10 powerful sessions, we will:

  • Embark on an exploration within your heart, establishing a connection between your emotions to your needs.
  • Discover tools for promoting trust in people.
  • Learn how to hear beyond words, beyond thoughts.
  • Explore how to let love and Light shine through us, specifically in challenging conversations or situations.

The soul speaks the language of the heart, the language of the Light of the Creator. It connects us to our true desire, as well as that of the person in front of you – and connects you both to each other’s heart. Sign up today for this 10-session revolutionary process of learning to speak directly from your heart and soul and see your quality of communication soar to new heights.

Each one of us, regardless of our background, beliefs, or prior actions, are spiritual powerhouses. We have words that have the power to make people’s lives more wonderful. – Karen Berg

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