Meditation and Sound Vibration

In our study of Kabbalah, we learn that the root causes of physical or emotional blockages we face in life first manifest on a spiritual level. When we open up the flow of energy on a spiritual level, we can awaken spiritual healing, clarity, and balance in our lives. In this powerful session, Yehuda Ashkenazi uses ancient kabbalistic meditation sequences combined with breathing techniques and a full sound vibration experience to open up energetic pathways and allow a flow of universal healing light into your system.

Whether you are seeking spiritual healing or clarity around emotional trauma, relationships, or releasing any kind of physical or spiritual blockage, this unique experience will work on a soul level to open up your spiritual vision and begin the healing process.

1-hour session:
This session is 1 hour long. During the first 30-minute guided meditation portion of the session, Yehuda will use specific breathing techniques and meditations to support you in receiving messages from your soul. This is followed by a sound and vibration experience integrating original music and crystal sound bowl vibrations to clear energetic blockages.

If this will be your first session, we recommend starting with the one-hour session before booking a package of 4 sessions.

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