Natal Chart

Also known as your birth chart, this is suggested for your first reading. Your natal chart reveals everything you bring into this lifetime, including your belief systems and values. This chart shows the kind of family you were born into and your primary lesson in this life. Examining this chart is useful in helping you to better understand and accept yourself, your lessons, and your purpose for being here.

We examine the natal chart as a painting created by the beliefs you developed in past lives, and as a tool that can help you understand and accept yourself. Because your soul chose to be born when and where it did, the astrological placements of the planets do not make you a certain way, but rather depict your beliefs. Understanding these beliefs, as well as how they affect your current life, is similar to understanding how childhood experiences impact you as an adult. As an adult, you learn to release and embrace issues from the past as you obtain a greater understanding of them. Such is the case with your karmic past. This acceptance and release can help you move forward in this life.

A natal chart reading also includes your correction process and what is in store for you in the near future. This reading is appropriate for most first-time clients and is available in 1-hour sessions only.

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