Tikkunei Zohar

The Tikkunei HaZohar is a collection of the secrets revealed to Rav Shimon bar Yochai, author of the Zohar, in his 13 years of exile in a cave (the rest of the Zohar was written after he left the cave.) This wisdom was revealed to him directly by Elijah the Prophet. The Tikkunei HaZohar decodes the first word of the Torah, Beresheet, unveiling 70 different revelations about the moment of creation. The kabbalists explain that studying from and connecting to the Light of the Tikkunei HaZohar helps us correct and cleanse even our thickest klipot, or layer of negativity.

In this personalized session, you'll delve deeply into a deep study of the Tikkunei HaZohar and receive guidance on how to overcome our deepest challenges to reveal more Light in our lives and the world.

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