Unlock Your Tikkune

The Unlock Your Tikkune Service will help you truly understand your purpose in life and identify those areas you can vastly improve.

This empowering personal session will help you uncover the hidden reasons behind life's challenges and blockages. It will also illuminate transformative points in your journey through practical, customized tools tailored specifically to your unique needs and aspirations. Together, we'll explore opportunities for growth and create a path that leads to a more fulfilling and joyful life.

In this session, you will receive:

  • In-depth knowledge of the key to unlocking your tikkune in your spiritual work.
  • Clarity on the real reason for the stagnation and frustration that occurs in your life.
  • Practical tools to resolve conflicts and create harmony and flow in relationships.
  • A recording of the session.

How do we unlock your tikkune?

  • Through in-depth, personalized discussion based on the location, date, and time of your birth.
  • By reviewing the strengths and successes from previous lives, as well as your current life.
  • By identifying where to begin making changes.

Why is it essential to unlock our tikkune?

We come into the world with qualities similar to those we had in previous lives, some of which served us in a way that fulfilled us and even made us successful. In our current incarnation, we retain a subconscious memory of those successes and therefore have a tendency to behave in the same way that brought us prosperity in a previous life.

Yet, for some reason, these strengths from past lives do not necessarily serve us in our current life. Why?

Kabbalah teaches that it is because we came into this life with a different correction, one that is unique to our purpose in this life and that requires other strengths hidden in the depths of our subconscious.

In this session with Senior Kabbalah Teacher Osnat Yeshurun, you will identify the key to your personal correction in this life. You will discover what you need to change in your life in order to experience real fulfillment, success, and prosperity. Delving deeper into the structure of personal tikkune will help you resolve personal and interpersonal conflicts, open barriers, and overcome obstacles – all of which will help create the joy, fulfillment, and success we all long for.

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