The Writings of the Ari

Deep study into the works of Rav Isaac Luria, a 16th century kabbalist known as “The Ari,” which means “The Holy Lion,” a name reflecting his brilliant, unceasing mind. The Ari had the gift of exploring the innermost depths of the Zohar, decoding profound secrets on the Universe and humanity. The Ari’s greatest legacy was his kabbalistic composition, The Writings of the Ari, compiled by his most cherished student, Rav Chaim Vital. This profound work gave birth to what is known as Lurianic Kabbalah. Lurianic Kabbalah became the definitive school of kabbalistic thought and has had a dramatic impact on the world. By studying the Ari’s writings, we open our eyes to seeing the world and our soul from an elevated perspective. In this session, you can explore the Ari’s insights on the weekly portion, windows in time, and even the power of Joy.

  • Gate of Meditations: the intentions of prayer, Shabbat, and windows in time
  • Decoding the portion of the week
  • Character refinement (exploring qualities such as sadness, anger, joy, etc.)
  • Other
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